Some helpful books on the Doctrine of the Trinity by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(2 Minute -Read).  Robin Parry says; “For many Christians the Trinity has become something akin to their appendix: it is there, but they’re not sure what its function is, they get by in life without it doing very much, and if they had to have it removed they wouldn’t be too distressed”.[1] Parry's quote seems to be normative whenever I hear people talk about their understanding of God. But recently, I was invited to give [...]

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Table Talk with Tyrell: The Doctrine of the Trinity on Radio Pulpit / Radiokanselat 9:00 AM (657AM) or on the Radio Pulpit Facebook page

Tomorrow on Table Talk with Tyrell, Tyrell will converse with Rudolph Boshoff, theology lecturer and director of Ad Lucem: "Towards the light" ministries, about Trinitarianism (what the Bible teaches about the Trinity). As always, catch it live on Radio Pulpit / Radiokanselat 9:00 AM (657AM) or on the Radio Pulpit Facebook page for live video. If you'd rather grab it for your podcast catcher so you can listen at 1.7X speed, you can get it later in the [...]

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The Trinity in the first three centuries of Church History by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

(15-minute read). Introduction: Prince of Preachers, Charles. H. Spurgeon said: "the proper study of God's elect is God; the proper study of a Christian is the Godhead. The highest science, the loftiest speculation, the mightiest philosophy, which can ever engage the attention of a child of God, is the name, the nature, the person, the work, the doings, and the existence of the great God whom he calls his Father. There is something exceedingly improving [...]

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“Our God is Triune: Essays in Exegetical Theology” book.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with some incredible authors/Theologians (Edward Dalcour, Hiram R. Diaz III, Cab Malone, and Michael Burgos) to produce a book to be released later this year."Our God is Triune: Essays in Exegetical Theology". Here is a tentative picture of the cover and table of contents:

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The ‘One GOD’ of Christ in Me International (Part 1) [Christ in me Collective] by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff.

(Average read: 5 Minutes). I am appreciative of ‘Christ in Me International’s attempt to explain their perspective on the roots and definition of the Doctrine of the Trinity and Jesus Christ. In this article, I will look at the context of the Scriptures they mention as well as the validity of their own teachings surrounding these portions and clarify the orthodox (original) historical understanding of what these Scriptures teach in the Biblical context (exegesis[1]). From [...]

The Love of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit by John Gilchrist.

The First and Great Commandment: How does a Christian ever communicate the Trinity to Muslims? If you use an illustration to explain it, you may be sorely disappointed. One of the favourite representations of the Trinity is water which, though one in substance, can be threefold in its form – steam, water or ice depending on its temperature. If you use this symbolic image for the Trinity, a wise Muslim will retort: "So, when God [...]

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Is Jesus truly Almighty God By Joy A. Veinot

(Originally printed in the Fall 2003 Issue of the MCOI Journal) Should you believe in the Trinity? This is the question raised by the widely circulated, 1989 booklet published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WTBTS)*, appropriately titled Should You Believe in the Trinity?and subtitled Is Jesus Christ the Almighty God?[1. WTBTS, Should You Believe in the Trinity? (Brooklyn, New York: WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK, INC., 1989)] Well, should we [...]

Mormon attempts at logical refutation of my deductive arguments by Vladimir Susic

Recently I wrote a deductive argument for Jonathan McLatchie's webinar, the Apologetics Academy which hosted a Mormon, Jaxon Washburn on the topic "Why I am a Mormon". During the Q&A I engaged Jaxon and put forth the deductive argument, which he could not give an answer to, and so he sent the argument to Robert Boylan, who mustered up some sort of a laughable response (1). In this article I will only address the first [...]

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A Review of William Young, The Shack by Prof. Noel B. Woodbridge

Young WP 2007. Newbury Park: Windblown Media. [2] 1. Introduction to the book and the author. The Shack, one of the most popular and controversial Christian books of recent years, is the fictional work by first-time author William Young, which embodies lengthy conversations between the main character, a man named Mack, and three persons who represent a version of the Trinity. It is a national bestseller widely embraced by some churches and many professing Christians. The Shack is a fresh, [...]

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Contemplating the Christian God: Being and Person by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

John Calvin writes, “God is not imaginable. All images we invent are idols of the mind, products of our own imagination, for God ever remains like Himself and is not a spectre or phantasm to be transformed according to our desires. It is a fact, however, that the mind of fallen man remains a perpetual factory of idols and false imaginations of God, so that He is always projecting his own inventions of figments upon [...]

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