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This Pretoria based Church ("Christ in Me International" or "Christ in Me Collective") claims that their new revelation enables individuals to become the 'logos' of God like the man Jesus Christ who was just a mere man and not the Divine Logos or God-Man. Pastor Rudolph looks at their central teachings, comparing them with sound Biblical hermeneutics and a biblically derived Christology.Show More
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COVID-19: Is God to Blame? By Daniel Maritz

(15-Minute read) “Why is this happening, who is to blame, and where is God in this pandemic?” These and other similar questions are probably part of many conversations happening around the world today, and given our human condition, it is pretty easy and satisfying to add one more accusing finger to the “blame game” which seems to be everlasting.[1] The question that I want to address is whether God can also legitimately be the subject [...]

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Muslim Evangelism – Debates & Discussions

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Christ in Me International

  • What is a cult?
  • How do I know if I am in a cult?
  • What do I do if I have a friend or loved one in a cult?
  • How do I get out of a cult?
  • How do I get back to essential Biblical truth?
  • How do I find support after getting out of a cult?
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About Us

I am in full-time vocational ministry for the last 20 years and also currently the director of Ad Lucem Ministries (Towards the light). This ministry investigates theological trends and apologetic questions in an African and global context. The primary focus of Ad Lucem Ministries is to give credible Biblical answers for the Christian Faith by comparing opposing worldviews, theological questions, and ecclesiological issues, in the Church and a broader setting. I have also moderated and participated in numerous debates with both international and local scholars on topics ranging from Islam, comparative religions, social issues, and Christian foundations.

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I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Theology at the South African Theological Seminary as well as my Bachelor’s degree in Theology Honors at the same institution. I am also actively pursuing my Masters in Theology with a specific emphasis on Islam.

Currently, I am also actively involved in teaching theology at Rhema Bible College in Randburg. I teach central subjects like Systematic Theology, World Religions, Islam, Church History, Eschatology, Christian Ethics, and New Testament studies. I have been appointed associate Dean from 2019.

I have been blessed with an awesome wife, Candice Boshoff, who is actively involved behind the scenes of this ministry. My wife and I are parents to one Rottweiler Dub, Cody passed away in our arms 27 December 2019.