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Pastor Rudolph emphasized the following facts from a Christian perspective.
a. God’s absolute holiness
Ps Rudolph showed that God is unique, and His commands are reflective of His very self. Therefore, ...
the severity of our sinfulness is evident in that we have acted against God, and we are in dire need of saving.
b. The severity of sinfulness
Sin separates man from any intention of goodness and leaves man unable to save himself.
c. Continuity between Old and New Testament conceptions of salvation
God merited specific instances of what is necessary to achieve any salvation. Satisfaction, propitiation, substitution, reconciliation, and redemption.
d. The need for a perfect mediator
These are only afforded by the perfect mediator, Jesus Christ, once and for all.
e. The uselessness of good works
In the Judeo-Christian consummation of salvation, man cannot add an ounce of goodness towards his own salvation. He must be solely dependent on what God merited as acceptable.
f. The Perfect work of Jesus Christ
The Christian conception of salvation really finds its full consummation in the person and work of Jesus Christ. The writer to the Hebrews highlights in several ways how the sacrifice of Christ excels the sacrifices of the old covenant.

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