Does the Bible Predict the Coming of Muhammad? by Dr. Tony Costa

In Islamic apologetics one inevitably comes across Muslims who, in their interaction with Jews and with Christians in particular, argue that the Bible mentions and prophesied the Islamic prophet Muhammad. This argument usually comes as a surprise to Christians and Jews, and those who are familiar with their Scriptures who will often reply that they have never seen any such references to Muhammad. Many prominent Muslim apologists have written and argued for the biblical support [...]

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The Principal Duties of Islam: The Isma Doctrine by John Gilchrist

1. The Development of the Isma Doctrine. Throughout the Muslim world today it is generally believed that all of the prophets enjoyed an isma, a protection against sin, and that they were accordingly sinless. It is one of the anomalies of Islam that this Doctrine has been established and maintained against the plain teaching of the Qur'an and Hadith to the contrary. The orthodox belief is that the prophets do not commit sin, and are sinless (ma'sum), [...]

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The Prophet that divided the World by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(15-minute read) Muhammad was born around April 20, 570 A.D, in an Arabian city called Mecca or April 26, according to Shi'ites. His father Abdullah died before he was born, and his mother, Amina, died when he was six years old. After the death of his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib, Muhammad was raised by his uncle Abu Talib, leader of the Banu Hashim clan. We may divide Muhammad's life into three main periods. Pre-Prophetic Period (570-610 [...]

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What every Christian needs to know about the Hadith and the Sunnah by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(5-Minute read).  Traditionally, the word Hadīth’ (Arabic: حديث‎ ʾhādīṯ or plural ahādīth أحاديث) [1] means ‘communication’ or ‘narrative’ and in an Islamic setting, it would pertain to the stories about the life of Prophet Muhammad and his companions. Shaik Kadir in his helpful book, ‘Islam Explained’, writes; “Apart from the Qur’an, there is another book that Muslims rely on for guidance — the Hadith, which contains the words and deeds of the Prophet. The Islamic [...]

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The Qur’an before the Qur’an by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(15-Minute read). Keith Small wrote that any religion professing to be the sole foundation of truth should never shy away from any form of scrutiny. He wrote; “Many people of all faiths and no faith have come to realize that religious tradition cannot be followed blindly. If a religion is to commend itself in this age, it must be open to the hardest and best questions put to it. We no longer live in [...]

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Muhammad: Prophet of Islam A Short Biography compiled by Bobby Freddy

Memoirs of the Man All we know of Muhammad comes from Muslim sources which were written 150 to 200 years after his death. He died in 632 AD. In comparison, the earliest biographies of Jesus (Gospels) were written 30 to 60 years later by his contemporaries. The Four Principles sources of information are: 1. Quran: provides some historical information about Muhammad's life. Fuller accounts are available in the....... 2. Earliest Biography (Sira) by Ibn Ishaq [...]

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The “Prophet Like Moses” By Bobby Freddy.

Most frequently quoted Biblical passage that Muslim  Polemicists like Ahmed Deedat (South Africa), Dr. Jamal Badawi (Canada) and their disciple, Apologist Dr. Shabir Ally (Canada) use to show the prophecy of Muhammad from the Torah of Moses, is found in Deut 18. This is based on two verses from the Quran, viz; Surahs 7:157 & 61:6 respectively that alleges Muhammad is foretold in the Torah of Moses and the Injeel (Gospel of Jesus) In this [...]

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A discussion about the version of the Bible available to Muhammad by Prof. Henk G. Stoker & Paul Derengowski

ABSTRACT It is a mandate that all Muslims believe in all previous revelations given by God along with the Qur'an (Surah 2:4). Relative to discussions with Christians, Muslims are required to believe the Bible. Some Muslim apologists today contend that the Bible has been 'corrupted' or tainted through the infusion of faulty doctrines and the exclusion of valuable texts that support Islamic ideas by dubious scribes and malicious copyists. According to them there is no [...]

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Is Muhammad Foretold in the Bible? by John Gilchrist

During 1975 Ahmed Deedat held a series of lectures at the Durban City Hall, two of which set out to prove that Muhammad is foretold in the Bible. The first lecture, entitled What the Bible Says About Muhammad, dealt with the prophecy in Deuteronomy 18.18 in the Old Testament, and in it Mr. Deedat sought to show that Moses was predicting the coming of Muhammad when speaking of a prophet to follow him who would be [...]

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A Critique of “Jesus & the Injeel” by John Fontain by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff.

John Fontain has written a little booklet scrutinizing various themes making large claims concerning the Bible, Jesus and the Christian understanding of the Gospel. I do not endeavor in this evaluation to look at everything Mr. Fontain mentioned and as far possible tried to keep it short and precise, assessing his claims from a Biblical Christian and Scholarly understanding. About the cover: Just an interesting observation about the cover of this little booklet. The quality [...]


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