Does the Qur’an validate the New Testament? by Rudolph P. Boshoff

  In the previous debate, I tried to show that from a cursory reading of the Qur'an, it is undeniable that it speaks positively about the Christian Scriptures. Unfortunately, due to loadshedding in South Africa, my internet line was unstable and I could not really anticipate the other speaker's questions and opinions. So let me start by showing you what the Qur'an says.   The Qur'an's respectful view of the Bible. The Qur'an says that [...]

Significant Qur’anic Doctrines and teachings by John Gilchrist

1. The Qur'anic Doctrine of Abrogation. The Qur'an is unique among sacred scriptures in teaching a doctrine of abrogation according to which later pronouncements of the Prophet abrogate, i.e., declare null and void, his earlier pronouncements. The importance of knowing which verses abrogate others has given rise to the Qur'anic science known as Nasikh wa Mansukh Islam: Muhammad and his Religion, i.e., the "Abrogators and the Abrogated". (Jeffery, p. 66). There are a number of passages in [...]

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The Prophet that divided the World by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(15-minute read) Muhammad was born around April 20, 570 A.D, in an Arabian city called Mecca or April 26, according to Shi'ites. His father Abdullah died before he was born, and his mother, Amina, died when he was six years old. After the death of his grandfather Abd al-Muttalib, Muhammad was raised by his uncle Abu Talib, leader of the Banu Hashim clan. We may divide Muhammad's life into three main periods. Pre-Prophetic Period (570-610 [...]

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The Qur’an before the Qur’an by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(15-Minute read). Keith Small wrote that any religion professing to be the sole foundation of truth should never shy away from any form of scrutiny. He wrote; “Many people of all faiths and no faith have come to realize that religious tradition cannot be followed blindly. If a religion is to commend itself in this age, it must be open to the hardest and best questions put to it. We no longer live in [...]

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3 Things every Christian should know about the Qur’an by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(5-Minute Read). The Qur'an is the Holy Scripture of the Muslim People with a vast influence communicating a quality of Allah (sifa) expressing His will. The Prophet Muhammad is said to be the sole guide through whom Allah delivered this holy book via the angel Jibreel (جبريل "Gabriel"). Christians should note that this book supersedes the Christian Scriptures in the estimation of every Muslim, and is the “furqān” (الفرقان‎, "The Criterion") to these people. To [...]

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Original Sin in Christianity and Islam: A Christian perspective by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

(Average: 15 minute read). A definition of Sin: Sin! The mechanism the world use to indulge itself in acts of selfishness. Scripture reminds us ‘all have sinned’[1] because ‘’each one is tempted when by his own evil desires he is lured away and enticed. Then after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin.”[2]We dabble with Sin every single day! David said, “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived [...]

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The Mind and Spirit of the Book of Allah by John Gilchrist.

1. ALLAH – THE CENTRAL THEME OF THE QUR'AN THE FOCAL POINT: "THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH" If it were to be asked what convicted Muhammad more than anything else that he was called to be the last of God's prophets it could be said that his initial visions on Mount Hira were sufficient to persuade him that everything that "came" to him thereafter, whether by exoteric experience or inner inspiration, had a supernatural [...]

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“Ten Ways the Bible Disproves the Trinity” refuted by Vladimir Susic.

Hello everyone,today we will be dealing with an article from the "MANY PROPHETS ONE MESSAGE" site that focussed on 10 points that seemingly disproofs the Trinity! Here is the actual link: ten ways the Bible refutes the Trinity 1. "God Does not change": First point our muslim friends make is that God does not change,so thus they make an argument,that in a deductive form would look something like this: 1.God does not change 2.God would change [...]

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What Indeed Was the Sign of Jonah? by John Gilchrist

According to both the Bible and the Qur'an, Jesus Christ performed many mighty miracles during his brief three-year ministry in the land of Israel. Many of the Jews were led to believe in him when they saw such signs and wonders being performed. The Jewish leaders, however, refused to believe in him and although his miracles were widely known they often pressed him hard to perform signs or, indeed, even give them a sign from [...]

Biblical preservation in light of the Qur’an by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

"the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver purified in a crucible like gold refined seven times". (Psalm 12:6). More and more these days I find Theistic friends that are not from a Christian orientation use the prevalent view from secular scholarship predicting that the Bible books were corrupted and partially lost. Now earlier I have written on the trustworthiness of the text "The bible: now vs then"  but in this article I would like [...]

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