Siege of the Prophets: Muhammad Jesus and Moses? Pastor Rudolph Boshoff.

This is a follow on from an earlier article I published that asked the question: "Is Muhammad the Prophet mentioned in Deuteronomy 18?" This article will give only 10 reasons why it couldn't have been Muhammad! I would like to keep it short and direct so that you the reader can peruse it for yourself! Muhammad Jesus and Moses?  Can we deem these three figures on the same level? I honestly do not think so, [...]

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Jesus, Zoroaster, Buddha, Socrates & Muhammad The Life, Death and Teaching of Jesus Compared with Other Great Religious Figures By: Edwin M. Yamauchi, Ph.D.

 One hears conflicting estimates of Jesus. Christians believe he is incomparable, without a peer, but they are often quite ignorant of the lives of other great spiritual leaders. On the other hand, some people speak of Jesus, Buddha, Socrates and others without acknowledging any differences. Walter Lippmann, for example, remarks, "There is no doubt that in one form or another, Socrates and Buddha, Jesus and St. Paul, Plotinus and Spinoza, taught that the good life [...]

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