This is a follow on from an earlier article I published that asked the question: “Is Muhammad the Prophet mentioned in Deuteronomy 18?” This article will give only 10 reasons why it couldn’t have been Muhammad! I would like to keep it short and direct so that you the reader can peruse it for yourself!

Muhammad Jesus and Moses? 
Can we deem these three figures on the same level? I honestly do not think so, and here is a very short description of why!

1). Jesus was the Prophet of Deut.18:14-22 which brought a New Law & was a mediator of this New Covenant as described by the whole of the New Testament as seen in the following texts: (Joh.4:19;7:40; Jam.1:25; Rom.8:1-2; Heb.3:3; Heb.8:6;9:15;12:24).

 Muhammad established nor fulfilled ANY covenant from the Old to the New rather lays claim to re-establish the Old Testament laws.

2). Jesus is depicted by both John’s as the firstborn son and is depicted as the One “to take away the sins of the World” as deemed by the Passover. (Joh.1:29)  Moses experienced the Passover by redeeming the firstborn sons of Israel by the blood he put on the doorposts and eating the roasted flesh. (Ex.12)

Muhammad had no mention of ANY Passover nor has he been the deliverer for anyone’s sin.

3). Jesus feeds the people in Chapter 6:1-18 and John makes a clear point to show: Jesus feeds over 5 thousand people with five barley loves & 2 fishes with 12 baskets left. Moses also fed the people of Israel with Manna from heaven accompanied by 5 books he authored as well as 2 covenants Old & New Testaments for the 12 tribes of Israel.

NB!! Muhammad had never fed anyone via anything miraculous nor do we find any parallel foretelling the Old & New testaments nor any revelation pertaining to God’s elect

4). John depicts Jesus as one who miraculously feeds the people (Joh.6:1-15) but then Jesus as the GREATER Prophet makes it clear that His flesh is the true bread of heaven or means for salvation (6:32-58) and it is greater manna from heaven. Moses wrought a miracle where Israel in the desert was sustained by this before the promised land for 40 years.

Muhammad had no parallel mechanic nor any mention of any Manna to sustain people everywhere?

5). John depicts Jesus as the God who is present in His temple with the authority to cleanse and order (Joh.2:13-22) In fact, John revers to Christ’s body as God’s temple (Joh1:1&14) Moses built the first Tabernacle which housed the presence of God (Ex.25:1-31:11 & 35:1-40:33) & receives direct instruction to its order and cleanliness.

NB!! Muhammad was never instructed as to the structure, content nor pertinence of the temple or its worship!

6). John records Jesus as saying “As Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so must the Son of man be lifted up so that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.” (Joh.3:14) Moses lifted up a bronze snake in the desert to heal the people (Num.21:1-9). Moses saved the Israelites in the desert, Jesus saved anyone who believes in Him (Joh.3:16-18).

NB!! Muhammad overs NO remedy for the human condition nor provides ANY liberation OR promise of Salvation!

7). Jesus turned water into wine / Moses’s first sign was the Nile that turned into blood (Joh.2/Ex.7:8-25).

NB!! Muhammad had no such miracle!

8). Moses performed 5 water miracles that prefigured Christ (Ex.7:14-24,14:15-22,17:5-6,15:22-25). Jesus affirms His divinity to the Apostles in a private sign only for them when He walks on the water (Joh.6:16-21). He also surpasses them as a GREATER Prophet (Joh.2:6-9) and affirms He is the “living waters” (Joh.4:10-14,7:38).

NB!! Muhammad never promised nor brought for any water” as Moses brought forth nor even touched on bringing “living water” as Jesus did!

9) John shows us that Jesus at the very Feast of Tabernacles announced that He is the Light and those who follow Him will have the light of life. (Joh.8)  Moses led the people in the Exodus story by the cloud of fire who was light. (Ex.13:21-22). Jesus is the light even greater than Moses!

NB!! Muhammad never hinted to even be “the light” he rather pointed to “a light”.

10)  Moses predicted in Deut.18:19 that Yahweh said: “I shall put my words into his mouth and he will tell them everything I command him.  Anyone who refuses to listen to my words, spoken by him in my name, will have to render an account to me”. The Gospel authors clearly show that Jesus was this very prophet “And a voice came from the cloud saying, ‘This is my Son, the Chosen One.  Listen to him.” (Luk.9:35).

NB!! Nowhere in the Quran or the Bible do we find ANY indication that Muhammad was the fulfillment of this prediction! Again, I can repeat:

On Deut.18:18 there are two crucial mistakes you make in thinking it is Muhammad prophesied:
Was Muhammad a Jew amongst his brethren(v/18), and was Muhammad raised up for the Jews?(v/15) and did he speak in the name of Yahweh explicitly (v/20) Lastly we see that Stephen unequivocally identify this passage as foretelling Jesus…not Muhammad (Acts7:37). (pawn!) It is also interesting to note that the very early Christians were affirming that Jesus was the fulfillment of this and not someone to come…therefore by the Bibles own verification we see how this passage should be read and how it was clearly fulfilled.