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Mormon attempts at logical refutation of my deductive arguments by Vladimir Susic

Recently I wrote a deductive argument for Jonathan McLatchie's webinar, the Apologetics Academy which hosted a Mormon, Jaxon Washburn on the topic "Why I am a Mormon". During the Q&A I engaged Jaxon and put forth the deductive argument, which he could not give an answer to, and so he sent the argument to Robert Boylan, who mustered up some sort of a laughable response (1). In this article I will only address the first [...]

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A Review of William Young, The Shack by Prof. Noel B. Woodbridge

Young WP 2007. Newbury Park: Windblown Media. [2] 1. Introduction to the book and the author. The Shack, one of the most popular and controversial Christian books of recent years, is the fictional work by first-time author William Young, which embodies lengthy conversations between the main character, a man named Mack, and three persons who represent a version of the Trinity. It is a national bestseller widely embraced by some churches and many professing Christians. The Shack is a fresh, [...]

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Folklore in Church: Amulets, contact objects and other common myths by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

Many rampant unbiblical theologies have been prevalent in the South African Church scene these last few years. There seems to be an overall idea that one manifestation should outdo the other. There is a focus on miracles and Christian character is seemingly compromised by flattering titles such as 'Bishop', 'Prophet' and 'Daddy'. Unfortunately, some of these teachings, even though extreme, are nothing new. One of these prevailing teachings seems to be the 'contact object teaching'. [...]

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Kenmerke van ‘n kulte deur Dr. HG Stoker (enkele bywerkings deur Dr. HF van Wyk).

Wanneer mens met verskillende lede van dieselfde kulte-groep (byvoorbeeld Jehovah-getuies) gesels, kom mens gou agter dat hulle baie dieselfde reageer en antwoord op dinge wat aan hul gestel word - so asof hul almal dieselfde afgerig is. Wanneer hulle daarna gevra word, Antwoord hulle trots dat dit wêreldwyd so is. Hulle is nie onderling verdeel soos die Christelike kerke nie, maar hulle is 'n eenheid. Soos 'n Jehovah-getuie jou in Suid-Afrika antwoord, so sal een [...]

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Merchandising the Anointing by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

(Average read: 3 Minutes). It was our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that made a profound statement in Luke 12:14 when he said: “Be on your guard against all kinds of greed”. Recently a well-known preacher announced that God told Him to claim a new Learjet that he desired. Upon criticism and a hostile backlash from secular media, he calmly asserted that it is God's will for him to be blessed and expect more. In [...]

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