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God’s role in pain and suffering: A Theocentric Model for Theodicy by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

Every worldview attempts to explain the significance of pain and suffering, as well as the existence of evil. The atheist argument frequently makes God the direct object of these talks in the majority of these discussions. There are times in the Bible when God's activities are viewed as causing harm or disaster. It should be noted that Christians do not find these comments problematic in any way, and there are several points of view that they [...]

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Varied Christian perspectives on evil and suffering by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(15-Minute Read) For a while now, I had the idea to share a short article reflecting on some possible theological views concerning pain and suffering. In this article, I examine some renowned Christians' viewpoints that influenced how we can account for the presence of evil and suffering in the world. A Christian Theistic understanding does not exclude God's presence because of the reality of evil, like atheism. This article does not attempt to distinguish between the [...]

COVID-19: Is God to Blame? By Daniel Maritz

(15-Minute read) “Why is this happening, who is to blame, and where is God in this pandemic?” These and other similar questions are probably part of many conversations happening around the world today, and given our human condition, it is pretty easy and satisfying to add one more accusing finger to the “blame game” which seems to be everlasting.[1] The question that I want to address is whether God can also legitimately be the subject [...]

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The Modal Ontological Argument: Understanding and Defense by Vladimir Šušić

We as Christians have several very convincing arguments for the existence of God. Arguments such as the Kalam Cosmological Argument, the Argument from Design, Argument from the Resurrection of Christ and others are often the forefront of any debate with our atheist friends. One often highly overlooked and rarely used argument is the Modal Ontological Argument. The reason why the Modal Ontological Argument (from now referred to as the MOA) is rarely used is not [...]

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Evil and suffering..WHY? by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

There is no question that the world is filled with an appalling amount of evil and suffering. We are impacted by this reality every day on all levels: emotional, intellectual and practical. As such, it is not surprising that people have a difficult time reconciling this harsh reality with the idea of an all-good, all-powerful God. Some have speculated as to why God would have allowed evil and suffering? As for the reason for evil [...]

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