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Exploring Theological Personality: Classical Theism vs. Theistic Personalism by Rudolph P. Boshoff

In recent theological discussions, the concepts of classical theism and theistic personalism have gained prominence. Coined by Brian Davies in his book on the philosophy of religion, these terms represent contrasting views on the nature of God within Christian theology. What are some of the distinctions between classical theism and theistic personality? I will briefly sum up and examine their historical roots, key proponents, and the implications of their divergent perspectives. Classical theism traces its [...]

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Debunking Divine Simplicity: A discussion between Mullins and Craig by Rudolph P. Boshoff

In a recent discussion between theologians Mullins and Craig, the topic of divine simplicity took center stage. Mullins emphasized the growing interest in this stronger doctrine, asserting that it's the theological concept du jour. The conversation delved into whether there is any biblical evidence supporting this idea. Divine simplicity posits that God lacks any composition or distinct parts. Craig, however, firmly asserts that there is no biblical foundation for this stronger doctrine. In fact, he [...]

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