The Modal Ontological Argument: Understanding and Defense by Vladimir Šušić

We as Christians have several very convincing arguments for the existence of God. Arguments such as the Kalam Cosmological Argument, the Argument from Design, Argument from the Resurrection of Christ and others are often the forefront of any debate with our atheist friends. One often highly overlooked and rarely used argument is the Modal Ontological Argument. The reason why the Modal Ontological Argument (from now referred to as the MOA) is rarely used is not [...]

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Losing the lost; non theism or atheism by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

A few years back the Church converted the lost and the non-religious! Today the new atheism is converting the saved and the non-religious! To some people the Christian faith seems irrational and inconsistent. They see faith as a whole as an escape from the “real world”. Modern Atheism would like us to believe that the crying need today is not for more intelligent people or even more gifted people but rather for more reasonable and [...]

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