Is Slavery instructed from the Bible, or from the Quran?
This document is not intended to demonize or insult any Muslims. I find Muslims to be very sincere in their religion and living a life to please God to attain eternal life. Even I, as a Christian, can only wish to be as dedicated to maintaining such rituals and regulations as Muslim believers achieve. It is also true that Muslim believers are peaceful and respectful of other people and nations and many live their lives for their families and communities. However, just as 99% of Christians never read the Bible, we find the same statistics of Muslims never read the Quran. Those who did read the Quran did so in reading Arabic which only a fraction of them understood the contents of they read. This is why the majority of Muslims are totally unaware of what the Bible and Quran teach. Again, just as we have Christians listening to their scholars to hear what the Bible says, Muslims listen to their scholars on what the Quran teaches, and both sections believe what they hear and don’t find the time to investigate their religion for themselves.

This document will prove that Muslim scholars are misrepresenting the Bible, from the position which they claim to have a so-called “Experts in comparative religion”, in dictating final authority on scripture. I will show that they are guilty of wholesale deception concerning the description of slavery from the Bible and the Quran.

I recorded the exact words and actions of one Muslim scholar, in particular, to demonstrate to what extent some Muslim scholars will go to pervert the Bible in an effort to brainwash innocent Muslims on the true Biblical teachings I will show how they steer clear of the human rights abuses instructed in the pages of the Quran. What this Muslim scholar did was to create a misrepresentation of slavery in the Bible, and even attempted to blame ISIS sex slavery on the Triune God!

I decided to review this subject in full, and took the verses from the Bible on the subject of slavery, and analyzed it to discover the truth for myself. I was amazed at my discovery. Eventually, I studied the Quran, Hadith, and History to determine a balanced opinion between Christianity and Islam on the subject of slavery and sex slavery. If you read this document, it is easy to go to all the references I supplied and to make your own decision on the Truth you wish to embrace.

Be aware, this essay will take you to incredible knowledge even I, as a simple an uneducated man, did not even know existed, but stumbled upon simply by reading a few books.

I hope you will enjoy this journey through these pages with me.

Open essay to Advocate Yusuf Ismail on the accusation that the Trinity institutionalized slavery in the Bible.

Greetings Mr. Ismail,

I sincerely hope you are well and wish you all fortunes in life.

As promised, I thought it wise to write this summary on your accusation that the Bible institutionalized slavery. I witness a lot of Islamic writings, and youtube videos, where Muslim scholars are now in such a predicament in an attempt to explain the instructions to commit violence from within the Quran away, whilst terrorist groups such as ISIS and other Islamic Jihadists are decimating any thinking of a ‘Peaceful Islam’ from the Quran. The only option left for you and your Islamic propagandists is to promulgate everyone in believing that the Bible is worse in violent descriptions and that Christians should be the least to criticize the Quran and Muhammad when comparing their religious book with the Quran

I was amazed that you went so far as to accuse the Bible as the root cause of Islamic terrorism!

One good example of this is when you used the “slavery verses” of the Bible as a counter-attack in your debate against Usama Dakdok on 19 April 2017. (With your debate in “Is ISIS a true representation of Islam?”)[1]

You made the following statements.[2] (Please note, this is an exact dictation of the words you used)

  1. You read from the Bible, “In Numbers 31:17 the Bible says to kill all the men, women and children, but keep alive all the young girls for sex…” You asked, how does a soldier in the field verify if a woman is a virgin or not?
  2. And you continued to read, “I think again we have double standards here, because if you look at Leviticus 25: 44-46 and particularly in Exodus 21: 7…1 to 11 it says, if a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of the six years if she does not PLEASURE the man, WHAT DOES PLEASURE MEAN OSAMA? Then the man who bought her may sell her”.
  3. You also read and quoted, “In Leviticus 25:44-46 Lev 25:44…you may purchase male or female slaves from the foreigners amongst you. You may purchase children of such residence, foreigners; YOU MAY TREAT THEM AS PROPERTY! Passing them on to your children as their inheritance, you can treat them as slaves, AND YOU CAN ENGAGE IN SEX WITH THEM!”…”Sex slavery is institutionalized in the context of the Old Testament…”

However, when I heard you reading from the Bible, I immediately knew that what you read was incorrect and not the words from those quoted verses.

I took the time to look at your accusations and to investigate if what you said is true to be found in the Bible or not.

  1. If you go back and watch how you read Numbers 31:17, you will have to admit that you pretended to read the verse, and you inserted the words “for sex” into it. These words are not in the Bible! Now, why on earth would you do that?
    1. Secondly, you imply that the soldiers of Israel went and raped the girls and women to determine if they were virgins or not! You even asked Usama, on his thoughts on what method was used to establish these women and girls’ virginity. Yusuf, you are really ignorant about archaeology and history not knowing that they were Baal worshippers. Those women were forced to shave their hair if they refused to practice temple prostitution! They obviously also wore different clothing once married or usurped into their religious practices. I can ask, how you think they determined if the girls were virgins or not. By a dirty mind perhaps?
  2. Again, in Exodus 21:1 to 11 you gave a description of how a daughter can be sold to a man, and if she does not “PLEASURE’ the man, he can sell her. Here you deliberately changed the word “PLEASE” to “PLEASURE’! In a clever way of deception, you changed the meaning of the verse from a servant girl who pleases her master by being virtuous, to a sex slave who must pleasure her master, or gets sold! You even shouted, what does ‘pleasure’ means Usama?
    1. If I please my superior at work, I am a worthy employee, but I will refuse to pleasure my manager indeed! Do you please or pleasure your superiors Yusuf?
    2. Well, in your mind, it might also mean “filthy pretty Please”. Oh, and note! This is the second time you pretended to read from the Bible, and inserted your own words!
  3. Now we come to the grand finale on how you pretended to read scripture and added some more words that do not exist in the Bible. You said that if we read Leviticus 25: 44, we will find that you can buy slaves, inherit them, and treat them as property, “AND YOU CAN ENGAGE IN SEX WITH THEM! Well, guess what, those words are also not in the Bible at all! Yusuf, you inserted it into the verse whilst pretending to read the Bible! You blatantly ended off with the words, “sex slavery is institutionalized in the context of the Old Testament…” Wow, you really demonstrated something other than being an honest and truthful debater.

The question you should answer is, “Why on earth you did deliberately distort the Biblical wording by deceivingly added to what it says? If I were to do that, you would be the first to call me a liar!

About a week later, you had a radio podcast with Radush Shubuhaat and the topic was again: A Closer Look at Violence, Slavery & Rape in the QUR’AN and BIBLE by YUSUF ISMAIL.[3]

You said exactly the same as what you did as with Usama Dakdok, but added a nice bit of distortion to the event when you quoted Deuteronomy 22: 28 to 29 and asked if this was how the Triune God allows a man to rape a girl, and then forces her to marry her rapist? You spent some time in teaching that the Arabic word for “Rape” does not appear in the Quran, but it does appear in the Arabic Bible in Deut 22: 28.

Well, guess what?

I took the Arabic words from the Smith Van Dyke translation on E Sword, copied it on Microsoft Word, and translated it on the web. And, lo and behold…there is no word “rape” in the sentence as you let me to believe. Oh, I forgot that Muslims think that they can hide behind the Arabic language in instances where the Westerner might unmask untruths. How blessed are we today with technology that tells us exactly what people claim to be true or not?

I also find it amazing how you, at many instances, would demand to read any scripture from the Quran and to adhere to “interpretation by context”, but you blatantly undermine such context when quoting from the Bible. If you did take the context into consideration by reading the previous verses of Deuteronomy 22 verses 20 up to 29, you will have to agree that your argument is in error.

Allow me to supply you with a simple demonstration of context.

Firstly, the Bible is very clear on adultery.

  • If a man commits adultery with a married woman, both the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.[4]

However, the Bible is clear on adultery between a man and an engaged woman, and a woman forced into rape by a man.

  • If a woman who is a virgin and is engaged to a man, and another man find her in the city and commits adultery, both shall be stoned to death. The woman for not crying out that she was raped and therefore it is clear that she consented, and the man is also guilty in committing the act of adultery. Here we undoubtedly see that this woman was participating in the affair, and did nothing to prevent the situation.[5]
  • On the contrary, the verses say that if the woman did cry out, only the rapist will be executed because she tried to prevent this act and was innocently attacked.[6]

Finally, the Bible is also very clear about fornication.

  • A man obviously unmarried, and a woman who is a virgin but not engaged to anyone, gets caught in a sexual act will not be executed. The reason for this is that they did not commit adultery because they were not married or engaged to someone else.
  • This means that both were unmarried and consensual in the act of fornication. In modern times language, they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Now upon discovery, the man will have to marry this woman and he will never have the right to divorce this woman throughout his lifetime, unlike other couples who did not engage in premarital sex. [7]

In conclusion, you made a huge mistake in an attempt to have everyone thinking that the woman was raped in Deuteronomy 22: 28 and she was forced into a marriage with her rapist! If ever you continue to demand otherwise, please understand that you are not a prosecutor, judge, and jury on this case. Anyone can read the verses prior to your reference and will see that you selectively chose only verse 28 to suit your argument. Here we looked at the context and found that you were misrepresenting the verses you selected.

Let’s get back to your accusation that the Bible institutionalized slavery.

Yusuf, I advised you to retract your remarks, seeing that you condone the killing and raping practiced by Islamic organizations such as ISIS, AL Qaida, and friends; whilst at the same time refusing to speak out against their crimes targeted on innocent people. You refused, thereby participating in Islamic Jihad and covering your hands in innocent blood; therefore is this letter.

I decided to recall a study I made a few years ago, which I supplied you a copy of in 2010, about the Biblical institution of slavery to remove any future attacks by Muslim scholars, as well as to equip every Christian with the Truth on what slavery in the Bible and Quran dictates to mankind. I made some changes to include the current display of insolence by you.

A Closer Look at Violence, Slavery & Rape in The Qur’an And BIBLE by YUSUF ISMAIL

Slavery in the Bible and Quran! by P.J. Strydom (Aug 2010)

A few months ago Muslim scholar confronted me about the “Bible condoning slavery”.I was at first caught off guard and definitely did not know what to answer. Needless to say, he kept on talking about how the Europeans and Americans used the Bible in support of slavery. I remember the vindictiveness heutilizedin telling me that my ancestors in South Africa were also guilty of this immoral practice. Imagine being a Christian and White Afrikaner in South Africa with a researched genealogy dating from 1659. My great grandfathers surely had slaves, and I can never claim otherwise.

One thing is for certain; my “Greats” were protestant Christians, persecuted in Europe, settled in the Cape colony, and moved to the inland in 1848 with the Great Trek. History also proves that there were no slaves left in the Transvaal (Province in Southern Africa) after 1850 and quite frankly, if my Greats had slaves, it does not suggest the Bible is wrong?

This accusation he made against Christians, who supposedly used the Bible to enforce slavery, never bothered me until I read the Muslim scholar, Ahmed Moosa’s book“My Bible says this…my Bible says that…”This is a booklet advertised and distributed by the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI) in which Yusuf Ismail wrote the preface.

Well, I think it appropriate to show everyone just how the Muslim scholar twists and turns the truth to the advantage of their religion.

This is the exact words of Ahmed Moosa: (Page 18 & 19, My Bible says this…my Bible says that…A. Moosa)


God Accepts and Condones Slavery, and the Beating of Slaves:

“And if the servant shall plainly say, I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free: Then his master shall bring him unto the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an aul, and he shall serve him forever.” (Exodus 21:5-6)

“Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.” (Leviticus 25:44 ( KJV). “As for the male and female slaves whom you may have, it is from the nations around you that you may acquire male and female slaves.” (Leviticus 25:44, NRSV)

“And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.” (Luke 12:47)

Note: “servant” here means slave. The Biblical Jesus lived in a time when slavery flourished, yet He never spoke or fought against it.

“English North Americans embraced slavery because they were Christians, not in spite of it … It was Christianity that perverted the African’s way of life… Not leaving them alone was the real tragedy.” -Forrest G. Wood

I can only shake my head in dismay when Ahmed Moosa used a footnote and cited from Forrest G. Wood. That man is a staunch atheist and A. Moosa seems to be totally unaware that the atheists also despise Islam as they do Christianity! F. G. Wood did not take into account that all the other countries, religions, and communities practised slavery 300 years ago. He wrote a little about the Islamic practices of slavery, but deliberately targeted the Christian whilst ignoring the opposition in Christianity who rid the West of this inhumane oppression. Out of all the governments, religions, and movements on earth, it was the Christians who fought wars and lost lives to free humans from the chains of slavery. Anyhow, the Muslim scholar adores the writings of the atheist whenever they insult Christianity but are silent on atheist’s remarks against Islam. I think they hope and pray that no one will notice how their sources destroy the Quran and the prophet of Islam himself!

Now, if we read the accusations made by A. Moosa in his booklet, we at first feel disgusted in having never noticed the topic of slavery in the Bible…“condoned slavery”! But is it true? Did our ancestors learn from the Bible that slavery is a good thing? Is the God of the Bible such a despicable character that He would allow the subjugation of all human rights?

Yes, this is exactly what A Moosa implies! I mean, he even emphasizes that Jesus condoned slavery because He never spoke or fought against it! What Ahmed Moosa did with this publication was to join up with the IPCI and their Spokesperson, Yusuf Ismail, to get these accusations through to non-suspecting Muslims. Now, quite frankly, how many normal Muslims will ever cross-refer with the Bible on these accusations made by their leaders? None!

In other words, Yusuf Ismail, Ahmad Moosa, and all their Muslim brothers at the IPCI, are making the following accusations:

  • The God of the Bible institutionalised slavery.
  • God Condones Slavery;
  • God commanded the beating of Slaves.
  • Jesus condoned slavery and never spoke against it.
  • The Bible is a terrible source of suppression of human rights and Christians used it to enforce the slave trade.

So, what does the Bible say about slavery?
I was quite surprised at the Biblical citations about slavery. Once examined and explained from the scriptures, I again saw how the attack from the Muslim and atheist only resulted into the Word of God being glorified!Who would have guessed that something as bad as slavery willreveal our humanitarian rightswe take for granted.Without further ado, let’s see for ourselves what the Bible says and not what some Muslim scholar said whilst trying his utmost to destroy the Bible withfalse accusations.

What was the reason for God to allow slavery in Israel?
It is true; God didinstitutionaliseslavery in Israel!

But, I was in admiration to realise that the slavery from the Law of God, was not the same as was practised by say, the Romans, Europe, Asia, America, and South Africa from a time forgotten until 1840?Well, what a surprise to learn that the slavery mentioned in the Bible is not closely represented to what was practised by the slave trade we are accustomed to reading from the books of history.

1) Slavery was institutionalised tosave a poor family from starvation.
ReadingDeuteronomy 15: 11[8]andLeviticus 25: 47[9], we see that God says there will always be poor people in Israel. It is a sociological fact that no one can dispute. Even in modern times, people die from starvation while their neighbors look on. However, God instructs the Nation of Israel to allow one family member to be sold to a rich family as a servant, or as the Muslim scholar would like to call it, a ‘slave’. This person will work for their master and he has to pay enough money to support this slave’s family for up to 6 years! That must have been a lot of money in the first instance. Think about it. Your parents and siblings will have enough money to be provided for body and soul for 6 years! In the passage provided, we find this an institution as a way out of starvation and even out of death!

One might think of this as terrible and cruel, but don’t compare modern times with that of the ancients. For instance, in the late third century AD when the Huns pushed the Visigoths out of their lands and the Visigothscouldn’tenter the Roman Empire, they were stranded without land, food, and resources for a few years. Famine was ripe and their elderly and children started dying. The only way out for these parents was to sell their children as slaves to the Roman army.

Think about what you will do when famine strikes and 4 out of your six children eventually succumb to death due to starvation. Won’t you rather sell the remaining two children into slavery knowing they will survive and will receive food, protection and might even achieve a future they otherwise would never have had? A difficult choice indeed, especially if you had a meal a few hours ago and find it impossible to place yourself in the situation of someone thatdidn’thave food for more than a month. Think how sad to see one after the other child die!

Anyhow, God instructed Israel to ensure that thisnever happened with their families. One member of the poor family will work at a rich man as aservant(technically not a slave) for the survival of the rest.

The Anglo – European slave traders and Arab slave traders in African ever paid the families of slaves to save them from starvation! No, they simply abducted them and carried them away!

2) How long a period will this person be a slave to his new master?
What the Muslim scholar never wanted us to learn in their propaganda about slavery from the Bible is that this person, the bought slave, will only work for6 years at most!(Deuteronomy 15: 12[10] )(Exodus 21: 2[11])

The Muslim scholar also never knew that Israel had a Sabbatical year every seven years. In that year, the law stipulated that every slave must be set free! If that slave was bought in the 5thor even the 6thyear or part thereof, he will be freed at the end of the 6thyear. No argument, that’s the law! There will be no compensation paid to the slave’s owner at all.

The Anglo – European slave tradersand Arab slave traders in Africanever freed their slaves, or made them work for a predetermined time period, butkept them in captivity for the remainder of their lives!

3) The servant could terminate his period of slavery!
Now, who would have thought that the servant could buy his freedom back? If his family members somehow managed to change their situation when money befell them, they were allowed to buy the family member back from the servant-master at the calculated amount left for the period he still had to work, and not for the full original purchase amount. (Leviticus 25: 48 -49[12])(Leviticus 25: 50 -52[13])(Leviticus 25: 53[14])Here we have the value of the servantdepreciated, not because of physical evaluation, but calculated on the remainder ofhis employment period. Now that’s what I call fair!

The Anglo – European slave tradersand Arab slave traders in Africanever sold their slaves cheaper than what they bought them for!

4) The slave had civil rights and was protected by God’s law to be treated fairly.
No one in Israel was allowed to treat the slave harshly. (Leviticus 25: 53[15]) Even when a slave died under the hand of his master, that person was guilty of murder! (Exodus 21: 20 -21[16])

What’s more, is that the slave must be set free for as little as something as if his master hurt the slave’s eye or even knocked out a tooth!(Exodus 21: 26 -27[17]) Now, show me a master of a slave that would harm his slave to stand the chance of losing his investment?

The slave was also obliged to rest on the Sabbath day. (Deuteronomy 5: 14[18])

If that slave escaped, you were not allowed to deliver him back to his owner. You will now be his guardian. (Deuteronomy 23: 15- 16[19]) You are now required by lawto protect him from any harm. Any slave that needed to escape from harsh and bad treatment could escape being kept safe!

The Anglo – European slave traders and Arab slave traders in Africanever treated the slave as a human, but killed, maimed and even tortured them!Never was a slave freed for a simple thing as losing a tooth! God knows how many slaves were murdered and the killers were never prosecuted.Escaped slaves were sometimes even hanged!I know of stories in the Americas where a slave’s hand was chopped off because he dared to learn to write!

5) The rights of the slave’s wife and children.
Upon completion of the 6thyear of service, the slave and his children will be free. (Leviticus 25: 54[20])

If the slave went into slavery accompanied by his wife, she will also go free.(Exodus 21: 3[21])

But if the slave got married when he was in service of his master and they had children; the wife and children would remain in service if he was to go free. (Exodus 21: 4[22])(The reason is that the freed husband willnot be able to look after his children. However, he can buy them free if his fortune changes. (As previously quoted this law is found in Leviticus 25: 48-53)

The Anglo – European slave tradersand Arab slave traders in Africanever allowed the slaves to remain in captivity as a family! The wife was sold and even children were removed from the family and sold to gain more money.Slaves were even kept to breed more slaves!

6) Slaves could voluntarily stay on when his service was completed.
If a slave decides to stay with his master, wife, and children, he undergoes a ritual whereby his ear gets pierced. (Exodus 21: 5- 6[23])(Deuteronomy 15: 16-17[24]).

****Please note howdeceitfulthe Muslim scholars are when they used the mentioned verses to the unsuspecting reader and never mentioned theslave loved his master and wanted to remain in his service. The Muslim scholar implied that the slave was somehow tortured by having his ear pierced. Nice piece of deception indeed!

Needless to say, the Anglo-American slave-owners or the Arab slave traders in African ever freed their slaves to determine if any of them wanted to remain captive.

7) Rights of the female slave.
If a family sells a daughter, with the intent to enter into marriage with her master, or his son, and for some reason, she no longer pleases the fiancée, she was free to return to her family even before the expiration date of her employment contract. This law shows that the intent of the contract to work by her new master was to be engaged to her, and he acted deceitfully with her. If for some reason he engaged in sex with her, he would have had to marry her. (Deut 22: 28) (Exodus 21: 11[25])

With further understanding of the law, if they did get married, we see that the female servant in Israel could eventually end up as the owner of hermaster’s estatein marriage! It was alsoforbiddento sell her to other nations outside of Israel.(Exodus 21: 7 -8[26]) this is also more information withheld by the Muslim scholar when quoting this verse.

The servant daughter who was betrothed to the master’s son had all the rights of common law as therestof the nation. If her husband takes another wife, he is still obliged to support her as before. If he does not support her as before he married his second wife, she is free to go without her paying compensation. (She was already paid for and saved her family from destruction for 6 years, and she didn’t need to pay any compensation for leaving earlier.) (Exodus 21: 9 -11[27]) No hint of Yusuf Ismail’s false allegation that this woman was a sex slave and YHWH allowed her to be kept as one. And Yusuf, you even went so far as to accuse YHWH of being the root cause of ISIS’s practice of sex slavery! Man, I am glad I don’t have to answer to God what you preach to your Muslim brothers!

The Anglo – European slave traders and Arab slave traders in Africaused, misused and did with the female slave as they pleased! There was never any consideration given to her needs, but was simply a possession to discard at will!

8) Compensation to the slave for his work done.
The slave, even if a hired hand for the day, must be paid immediately after he completed his work. (Deuteronomy 24: 14 -15[28])

When the Hebrew slave is set free, the master is obliged to not let him go away empty-handed. The master must give from everything he gained in his estate from when that slave started to work for him. These slaves could become very rich in such a contract. (Deuteronomy 15: 13 – 15[29])

By giving the slave freedom, God also blesses the master. (Deuteronomy 15: 18[30])

Only at the end of slavery in the West, was some compensation paid by the Anglo-American slave-owners to the freed slaves. However, one willneverbe able to compare it with the “severance package” the slave in Israel received from his owner.

9) Slaves even became “managers” for their rich family members.
The rich master appointed a servant as manager over his workers. (Ruth 2: 5[31])

Even the priests employed slaves to help them with the sacrifice. (1 Samuel 2: 15[32])

10) Forced labor.
We also find the second type of slave in the Bible. That is the one called“forced laborers”.Solomon drafted forced labor from the other nationalities living in Palestine to assist in building the temple and palaces. They were conscripted, drafted, and recruited whilst they stayed in the land under the protection of Israel. (2 Chronicles 8: 7 -8[33]/Joshua 16: 10[34]/1 Kings 4: 6[35]/1 Kings 9: 21[36]/2 Chronicles 8: 7 -8[37])

If anyone accuses God that He used non-Israelites as slaves (forced slaves), they are making a number of mistakes in their assumption.

  • God did not instruct Solomon to use forced labor. It was part of thegovernmental institutions.
  • These forced laborers were not slaves but conscripted men of non-Israelite heritage living in the land.
  • David and Solomon, as well as all the other kings of Israel and Judah, conscripted the whole of Israel to be part of a reservist army. All the tribes had to ensure that their young men were actively called up for military duty. (1 Chronicles 27: 1- 24)

Yet, on the other hand…

  • The non-Israelites were not to be trusted in the military force, but they were conscripted to work a certainperiod to docommunity work.

I remember how the South African government (in the apartheid years)conscriptedevery youngwhite South African man to do a total of 4 years of military service. Anyone that refused, such as the Jehovah’s witnesses, was sent to 4 years of community service and wore orange clothing for the duration of that time. In the US you would be sentenced to a similar “jail time”.After the Second World War, many Italian and German soldiers were forced into hard labor in the west, and many of these men stayed on in this new land as citizens. It is a fact, these “forced laborers” were drafted into conscription service to to do their part for the country. They were not some captured slaves, worked to death by slave masters on instruction from God!

11) Moses and Israel are also called God’s slave/servant.
Israel was God’s servants for He brought them free from Egypt where they wereslavesto the pharaoh. (Leviticus 25: 55[38])Moses is also called a slave or servant (Exodus 14: 31[39])Does that mean that God condones slavery because he called Moses a slave? That will be agreat errorin assumption!

12) Israel was commanded by God to treat the foreignerrespectfully with equal rightsbefore the Law.
Because Israel was a stranger in Egypt, God instructed themnever to oppress the stranger in their land. (Exodus 22: 21[40]/Exodus 23: 9[41])

The stranger, non-Israelite, and the Israelite are both decreed to adhere to the same law. Both will be treatedequally under the regulatory law of the Government. (Numbers 15: 16[42])

Now, if a Muslim scholar thinks the Bible authorized slave traders to go out and kidnap people in Africa, he is again not telling the truth!

The Anglo – European slave traders and Arab slave traders in Africasimply oppressed the slave in the fullest evil acts imaginable.

12) If someone was caught practicing human trafficking, he will receive the death penalty!
(Deuteronomy 24:7) If a man is found stealing any of his brethren of the children of Israel, and maketh merchandise of him, or selleth him; then that thief shall die, and thou shalt put evil away from among you.

If we used the Bible to judge The Anglo – European slave traders and Arab slave traders in Africawe would have the death penalty sanctioned on every single one of them! Even Muhammad would be guilty of the above crime.

13) Human trafficking is condemned by the Bible!!!
Here we have the Gospel of Jesus explicitly telling us that slavery is contrary to the law of God!

1Timothy 1:9 Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,

1Timothy 1:10 For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for men-stealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

1Timothy 1:11 According to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which was committed to my trust.

Sorry, dear Yusuf, the Muslim scholar. What does the Bible say about slavery?

Well, well, well… I was placed under the impression by the Muslim scholars that

  • GodACCEPTSand CONDONES Slavery;
  • and the beating of Slaves was an example of God’s instructions on how to treat a slave:

And what did we learn from the Bible?

That the statements from the Muslim scholars ARE LIES!

  • GodNEVERinstructed slavery as was practiced in the Americas, Africa, and Arabia!
  • The BibleNEVERcondoned such a form of slavery!
  • NEITHERdid God accept and condone the beating of slaves!

All I found was a Muslim scholar telling a deceiving story from the Bible to the unaware masses of Muslims thatdon’t have the freedom to read the Bible for themselves. The quoted verseswere deliberately editedby Muslim scholars to leave the impression that slavery was an instruction from the God of the Bible.

We are again confronted with a deceiving Muslim scholar that thinks that if he smears the Bible, he now somehow reveres the Quran! What foolish reasoning is this not!If they ever find an error in the Bible, (which they won’t) it willnotsomehow prove the Quran correct! The Quran should prove itself as the word of God without the use of the Bible!

On the contrary, I found the Biblical use of slavery more humane than what some of us endure in modern factory workplaces. The Bible GIVES US the answer to Labour Relations and Humanitarian support to the poor!

The Bible is clear, let one member of the family work for the rich provide for his parents and siblings. Pay them compensation in advance to change their predicament. Sign a contract for 6 years only and let him go with a severance package reflecting the amount he was worth in expanding the estate of that rich person. If we were to obey this commandment from theGod of the Bible, there will never be poor families! Gosh, I will be much better off than my current worth of estate!

But, as always, I wondered why the Muslim scholar would anyway attack the Bible in such a fashion. These Muslim scholars are, believe it or not, educated in Biblical narrations and they know the Bible better than most Christian scholars.Don’t ever think they just made a simple mistake in their analysis on certain topics – no, no, theydeliberately twist and turn the truthto benefit their religion. Theyuse such attacks against the uninformedand simply hope their deception will never be unearthed.
Why did the Muslim scholar lie about the Biblical truth on slavery?
Simple, theytry to hide the bad slavery practices their god Allahinstitutionalisedand instructed to their prophet Muhammad topractice!

Just look at what I found from the Quran!

The Quran on Slavery.

Below are just a few things I discovered from the Quran and Islamic traditions that our dear learned Muslim scholars concealed from our eyes!

  • If you break an oath you have three choices to pay for that offense. One of them is to free a slave. Q 5: 89 [43]Note:
    • Therefore, theIslamic god never knew the prescribed term of a slave was 6 years!
  • If a man rejected his wife, he should free a “captive” before they “touch” each other again. Q 4: 3[44]
    • A slave is equal to having sex with your estranged wife?
  • If onekills someoneby mistake, you can free a Muslim slave as payment of guilt. Q 4: 92[45].
    • What, a murderer can pay with a slave, his way out of killing someone?
  • Muhammad was allowed to marry as many as “those your right handpossesses” (female slaves carried away as booty after war). All other Muslims were also allowed to marry these female slaves.
    • Please note thatAllah was the one who gave these female slaves to them in the first instance!(Q 33: 50[46]) and (Q 23: 6[47])And the Muslim scholar has the audacity to accuse Jehovah as a slave monger!
  • There is a bit of compassion in the Quran for the female slave where the Muslims are not allowed to force the female slave into prostitution if she wants to remain chaste, but it is very vague. Q 24: 33[48].
    • However, look closely at what Allah says; don’t force a female slave into prostitution to gain a nice living if she wants to remain chaste, but if you do force her into prostitution to receive worldly gain for a comfortable life, Allah is all-forgiving!
  • Muslims are not allowed to marry any women that are already married. Except, of course, female slaves can be taken as a wife even if they are married! Q 4: 25[49].
    • How nice, we can go and capture women when we make war, take them as a wife even if they were married! It seems as if any marriage not blessed by Allah, is no marriage at all. Muslim men, therefore, can take any non-Muslim woman as a slave and raped her under the pretense that she is his wife! He can even force her into prostitution and Allah will be forgiving! What about the woman? Does she not possess a living spirit?
  • Allah gave some Muslims more possessions than the rest. Those who were favored by Allah would never hand their possessions over to the slaves. That would mean the slave never became equal to the Muslim master. Q 16: 71[50]
    • Wow, Allah ensures that the slave stays a slave!
  • No prophet is allowed to take captives if he did not firstinflict a massacrein the country he attacked. Q 8: 67 -70[51].
    • Ok, so according to the Quran and Allah, the European countries were correct in colonizing Africa to obtain slaves! War booty came from Allah as a gift to the Muslims that participated in war! All you have to do is to tell the war captives that Allah placed you in Muslim hands because Allah knows it is better for you!What a nice way to sooth your conscience dear Muslim slave owner and female kidnapper!
  • If a slave girl married to a Muslim is caught committing adultery, she gets half the punishment than what a free Muslim woman gets for that offense. Q 4:25[52].
    • The punishment for the Muslim woman that committed adultery is also a confusing revelation. In Q 24: 2[53]it says she shouldreceive 100 lashes, but in Q 4: 15[54] the punishmentis confinement for life!
    • So what should the punishment for adultery be? This is exceptionally confusing since Muslims in Islamic countries stone women found guilty of adultery. Such a law is not to be found in the Quran at all because after Muhammad died, a goat ate the Quran manuscript containing the verses of stoning! Even more confusing is the factthat the men don’t get stonedto death as well! Will we confine this slave woman up for half her life, or give her 50 lashes, or stone her half dead?

Only out of curiosity I wanted to know why Muslim countries under Muslim law (Shari’ah Law) stone women who committed adultery when the Quran mentions nothing of such a sanction. I bought myself the “Al’ Bukhari’s correct traditions”, (a concise volume of) and was absolutely shocked at the contents I found in this Islamic book of history. Forget about the stoning of adulterers, look at what Muhammad dictated about female sex slaves and how to capture and rape them!

The Hadith is a collection of books compiled by Muslim historians and containsall the things Muhammad supposedly said. Muslims consider the Hadith to be the second most holy book after the Quran and uses the contents thereof in their everyday life.

In the following paragraphs, I eventually decided not to investigate the fact that the stoning of women is found in the Hadith and not in the Quran, but after discovering that institutionalized slavery in Islam is described and commanded in this collection of Muhammad’s words, I decided to remain on course!

Just look at these vulgar atrocities in the Islamic holy books:

  • In the “Book of selling 1024” Muhammad gives instructions that a slave girl be whipped if she commits adultery once and even the second time. If she does it the third time, she must be sold.
    • (Nothing is said about how she was captured and raped or what happened to the Muslim man she had sex with.)
  • In the “Book of gifts and virtues 1163” Muhammad tells one of his wives that she should not have set a slave girl free, but should rather have given the girl to one of her uncles.
  • In the “Book of Faith 34,” Muhammad says that if someone participates in Jihad and survives, he can get booty (obviously female sex slaves); if he dies he goes to paradise.
  • In the “Book of prayer 243” We hear how when Khaibar was conquered, it is described how all thesefemale captiveswerecollectedanddistributed by the hand of Muhammad himself! Muhammad took a girl as a slave, freed her, then married her, and then set her free as payment for her dowry!
    • Does this mean that she had toconsummate the marriage to obtain her freedom?
    • How does Allah perceive holy matrimony?
  • In the “Book of Holy Battles 1613,” we read howMuhammadperceived the Jewish tribes of Banu’ Quraidah and the tribe of Banun’ Nadir to have violated their peace treaty. Muhammad exiled the Banun’ nadir and waited until the Banu’Quraidah broke their treaty in assisting the enemy. Muhammad then allowed 800 men to be killed anddistributed their women and childrenand property amongst theMuslims. History holds that under his instruction Muhammad slaughtered 600 to 800 Jewish men after they refused to assist him in war. Their women were distributed to his Muslimsoldiers as sex slaves and were raped on the spot of this atrocity. Thereafter Muhammad sold the children.
    • And the Muslim regards this as a “Holy war”?
  • In the “Book of Holy Battles 1629” Muhammad confirmed that the killing of the Banu’ Quraidah Jews was according to the will of Allah!
    • Muhammad stood by watching hundreds of men getting beheaded whilst the women got raped. What a merciful God is this Allah indeed.
    • The Muslim scholar tries to get out of this vulgar behavior by their prophet by quoting their Islamic traditions saying that the Jews of Banu’ Quraidah agreed to have a fellow Jew decide their punishment, and he condemned them to death. This guy obviously was so scared of Muhammad that he did not care to condemn others to save his own skin. In my opinion, this is not the character of the Jewish people. Jews will die with their own brethren in such a situation. This is the character they displayed for thousands of years in times of persecution. No, this Jew was definitely a Muslim convert criminal joining in on the orgy after Muhammad executed the Men.
    • What our dear Muslim scholars forget, is the atrocities committed after the execution of these 800 men. I am talking of the raping and enslavement of women and children. Even if the Muslim scholar found a way out to rid Muhammad of the blood of the men that were killed, why could the prophet of Islam not display the mercy of his god Allah? No, he chose not to! Why? Oh, I forgot, Allah knows best!
  • In the “Book of Holy Battles 1634,” The Muslims again made war against the Banul’mustaliq and took their women and children captive. When theMuslim soldiersraped these women, they asked Muhammad about interrupting ejaculation. Muhammad told themnot to preventany pregnancies because Allah is the one who creates these souls if any raped woman falls pregnant!
    • Allah created the war, the captured slaves, the raping, the conception of babies by Muslims raping their victims, and the killing…because Allah is merciful!
  • In the “Book of Holy Battles 1679” we read about an event where the Muslims collected the Booty after war and divided it amongst themselves. A man namedBuraida hated Ali after Ali raped a captive woman from his booty. When Buraida complained about this to Muhammad, Muhammad stated thatAli should receive more(to rape), and Buraidashould not complain.
    • Here we see that Muhammad and Allah condoned the rape of captive women and if it seems to be horrible in your eyes, don’t complain because Muslim jihadists should actually receive more than the right to rape captive women.
  • In the “Book of Emancipation 1145” Muhammad attacked the Banu’Mustaliq people without warning or reason when they were unsuspecting of any danger. He killed their men and took the women and children as slaves. He took one woman himself after torturing her husband to death to find the tribes’ treasury.
    • How did he torture her husband? He kindled a fire on his chest! Allah is so kind and merciful!

Need we even continue?

There is much more evidence from Islamic history that gives us a description of how Muhammad contributed to slavery. Just take the time and visit websites informing us about slavery from the Quran and decide for yourself. This is what I found from the Quran and Islamic traditions about slavery…

Allah, Muhammad, the Quran and Hadith condone slavery and instruct the following:

  • Go out and make war and when you obtained victory, collect the men and slit their throats.
  • Follow this up by collecting all the women and children, divide them up amongst your Muslim fighters, remember to leave some to the prophet of Islam, and then rape them.
  • Don’t worry about getting them pregnant; it is a decree by Allah to do so! Those you don’t want, you may sell them or give them to someone else.


Why did the Muslim scholars NOT TELL US about these things before they attacked the Bible with blatant lies?

Ahmed Moosa, S. J. Ibrahim, Yusuf Ismail, and all you other Muslim scholars, do you agree that you all are deceivers?

How will you ever explain your actions to God, to the uninformed Muslims, to Christians, and most of all, to your own conscience?

Shame on you!


It is true that the Western world practiced slavery. Just as it is true that they caught, bought, sold, tortured, and even killed slaves as they pleased. It is true that those who benefited from slavery might even be some of my ancestors. On the contrary, it might also be true that my ancestors were from those Christians who fought for the emancipation of slavery! It is also true that none other than Christianity removed slavery in the west! But the overriding truth in this whole epoch is the fact that the Bible NEVER CONDONED SLAVERY! If anyone, atheist or Muslim scholar makes such a claim, I don’t even have to be the one calling him a deceiver! It will be an automatic supposition once you read the investigation found in this essay I compiled.

However, when reading the above facts from the Bible, the Quran, and historical books, we saw that the Biblical description is in stark contrast to the Quran and Islam! In the Bible, we find instructions from God to practice so-called “slavery” as humanitarian help for the poor! In the Quran, we find slavery as was practiced by the slave traders who captured, removed, and sold the people from Africa!

In the Quran and hadith, we find that Muhammad and his god Allah were the guilty party in promoting slavery for personal gain, sex, and power! Now that is in stark contrast to what the Muslim scholar, Ahmed Moosa, Yusuf Ismail, and Sulaiman Ibrahim accused Jesus and the Bible with!

Islam and slavery in Africa. Not so innocent either!

But, why don’t we teach the Muslim scholar that Islam was not such an innocent bystander in capturing slaves from Africa? I urge the Christian and Muslims to read about Doctor David Livingstone. In 1840 he came to South Africa and decided to join the ranks of the Christians in England and Europe in the fight to rid the Western world of the slave trade.

In his ventures and adventures into upper Africa, he was disgusted at the violent form of slavery practiced by the Muslim slave traders he personally witnessed. He saw thousands of slaves caught daily and corralled to towns on the African East coast and transported to the slave markets in Asia from jails such as still found on Zanzibar and Dar es Salam. Many were murdered before being shipped to save space on passage due to being sick or weak after being castrated. It is estimated that almost 18 million Africans were taken as slaves to the Islamic world which were a mere 10 percent who survived. This excludes the fact that the slaves sold to the West were captured and sold by Muslim gangs.

When the pioneers in America fought for their independence and became a new nation, Thomas Jefferson in 1801 created the Navy Seals to fight the Muslim slave traders in North Africa after they captured American ships and enslaved the occupants for ransom! It is documented that the United States spent about 20% of their GDP to pay ransom to the Arab slavers.

In March 1786 Jefferson and John Adams met with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja who informed him as such:

It was written in our Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every Mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise.

Jeffersons’ reply was to build the navy and to train men as “Navy Seals” who later on became the strongest power on earth. These men and their ships, with a bit of support from Sweden, Italy, and Spain, fought to rid Islamic slavery in the Mediterranean. How fitting that it is the American navy and these same allies guarding against the exact same Muslim practices as they fought 300 years ago, but now in the Gulf of Aden.

Another little-known fact is that Muslims in North Africa, over a period of 250 years, (1530 to 1780), took more than one million people captive from England, Italy, Corsica, and other Mediterranean areas and sold them as slaves. I do not have to elaborate on the torture, rape, and killing practiced upon these people.

When the American civil war ended in America in the mid-1860s, Muslims were still capturing slaves by their hundreds of thousands every month. Even white slaves from the south of the Caucasus Mountains were sought after collections. As a matter of fact; the Islamic slave trade continued until1961and is recorded by writers such as Barnard Lewis, “Race and Slavery in the Middle East” and“the Arabs in History”.Sean O’Callaghangives full descriptions of how slaves were treated in Muslim slave markets in his book, “The Slave Trade Today”.His observations were personal first-hand experiences that he himself saw happen. People brought in to auction, boys, being castrated and bought by Muslim men. Women hit with sticks, being totally naked in front of foam-mouthed Muslim men bidding for their possession. This was only 50 years ago! In Jan 2018 the news media reported on slave markets in Libya and Eritrea. Guess who ran these slave markets?


Dear Yusuf Ismail!

Thank you for refusing to retract your false statements you edited into the Bible. Thank you so much in accusing me of being a racist descendant of slave owners. Thank you for accusing my ancestors for learning the slave trade from the Bible!

Because if you did not do the above, I would never have learned that Allah instructed Muhammad to take women and children captive after killing their husbands in a non-existing war. Thereafter Allah even instructed Muhammad to allow the Muslim soldiers to rape their female captives on these so-called “battlefields”!I also would never have learned that Allah was the one who condoned the beating of slaves. He also liked to sell them and only allowed Muslims to free a slave when he was sinned against. It was Allah who taught Muhammad that slavery was the right thing to practice.

On the contrary…

When I read the Bible, I found that all the accusations you threw against the Word of God were nothing more than an attempt to hide the bad things about your religion!

Everything you said against the Bible about slavery was totally untrue. Thank you in teaching me that Islam was the religion that practised slavery up until 1970!

But most of all, dear Yusuf!

Thank you for showing me that the God you so vehemently accused of terrible oppressive slavery,is actually a God with humane and kind actions!

His Name is Jesus!

I think more than 90% of Christiansneverread the Bible. My advice is also to Christians, not to burn a Quran, but to buy one and to read that book. Once you read both, you will have to agree that the Bible is extremely more superior when measured against all the “Holy Books” all these other religions possess. Just think about those poor Muslims who are taught by their Scholars that the Bible is corrupt, immoral, and wicked. They are told to not even read the Bible because it is the Christian’s deception! No wonder that Muslims are under the impression that the Quran is somehow a miracle and the Bible mere rubbish. My advice, go and read for yourselves what these books say! Remember, a deceiver won’t want you to read both the Quran and Bible. If you find any religious leader prohibiting you from reading something to evaluate its authenticity, know that he is a liar and nothing less.

Glory to the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.

Piet Strydom.

God forbid that I should ever defend the Bible! I would rather defend a lion. Unleash the Bible and it will fend for itself!






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