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Who do you say I am? Jesus through the eyes of the Gospel of Matthew by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(2 Minute Read). Biblical Scholar Bart D. Ehrman describes the Gospel of Matthew as; “one of the most highly treasured accounts of Jesus' life among the early Christians. This may explain why it was given pride of place as the first Gospel in the New Testament canon.”[1] Central to all the Gospels is the recorded life and memories of Jesus as the coming Jewish Messiah (Matthew), the Saviour of the World (Luke), Son of God [...]

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Worthwhile Christian books on Prayer by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

The Devotional author Richard J Foster wrote; "Real prayer is something we learn". Unfortunately, we do not find ourselves to be masters of prayer at the onset of our religious experience. For some prayer, as a vocation is a daunting one, and as a pastor, I have encountered so many people that find it hard to pray. Usually, we do not have time to sit at the feet of a devotional master of prayer and [...]

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The Art of Biblical Integrity for the Christian Intellectual by Jonathan McLatchie

Do you really believe what you say and think you believe, and how can you know? The answer may at first brush appear obvious — “of course I believe what I say and think I do,” you might say. If you didn’t, after all, why would you be spending so much time engaged in the intellectual defense of it? This raises an interesting question: Can you believe that you believe something which you do not [...]

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15 Christian books for Spiritual Growth and Direction by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff.

Recently someone posted and asked which aids I would suggest for Spiritual Growth and Formation in my personal life. In this post, I endeavor to give a few resources that I have read repeatedly to align my posture in my devotional time with God. It is in no way a very exhaustive list but I think these few books might give you an indication to allow the sovereign God to guide, commune and direct you. [...]