The Council where Jesus became God. Answering Adnan Rashid by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

I have always loved history, especially the history of the Church, which is very dear to me. More happened in the first seven centuries of the Church than in the subsequent centuries. In the third century, Alton Gansky noted that. During the first few centuries, the church focused on two primary matters: spreading the gospel and staying alive.[1] John Behr writes in his excellent volume 1, Formation of Christian Theology: The Way to Nicaea, that [...]

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The Apostles of the New Testament: A Summary By Bobby Freddy

(2-minute read). There are about 25 apostles explicitly mentioned in the New Testament. They are in 4 groups. 1) APOSTLE OF GOD Jesus Christ, the Apostle and high priest of our confession” (Hebrews 3:1). 2) APOSTLES OF JESUS (Called the 12) The twelve apostles stand apart from the rest of the apostles since they will judge the twelve tribes of Israel: And Jesus said to them, “Truly I say to you, that you who have [...]

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Ten myths about Early Christianity by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

Early Christian beliefs were diverse.  Myth: Early Christianity was composed of various beliefs and ‘orthodox’ Christianity won the day. Fact: Meera Lester gives quite a compelling definition of the New Myth when she writes; “The Divergent ideas of early Christians suggest that birth and revolution of Christianity were fraught with dissension, disagreement and disharmony as the early church sought consensus on many issues.”[1] First, we can clearly see from the earliest data available that Christianity [...]

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The God of Justin Martyr by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff.

Recently there seem to be a great interest in the early apologetic fathers of early Christianity and there are plenteous attempts to re-interpret and find what their conception was surrounding their faith. In this article, I will look specifically at the Theology of Justin martyr and show that he was rather complex in his understanding of who God is. A recent Unitarian professor resounds with the following words: '...the one true God for Justin is [...]

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