I talked with a gentleman on a flight from Johannesburg (SA) to Durban (SA) a few months ago. Because I was wearing my SATS shirt, our talk veered into the topic of faith and God. First, the gentleman noted that several of his best friends were quite religious, but he didn’t see them doing anything special besides attending Church. When I asked him about his faith, he said he never felt good enough to pray or even have faith in God. He stated that God could not be interested in him because he is a very regular person who is not particularly immoral. So I thought it was my pastoral responsibility to explain to him why Jesus loves, or, better yet, loves him.

It never surprises me how regular Christ followers struggle to articulate why Jesus loves them. So, these are some of the reasons Jesus adores us. It should be noted that according to Christian belief, Jesus loves humanity unconditionally. His love is often described as encompassing and accepting of all individuals, regardless of their flaws, mistakes, or background. The reasons for Jesus’ love can be understood through various Christian perspectives:

  1. Divine love: Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that God’s love for humanity is boundless. It is a fundamental aspect of God’s nature to love His creation, including every individual.
  2. Sacrificial love: Jesus is considered to have demonstrated his love for humanity through his sacrificial death on the cross. Christians believe that Jesus willingly gave his life as an act of love to provide redemption and salvation for humanity.
  3. Relationship and forgiveness: Jesus’ love is often associated with the desire for a personal relationship with each person. Christians believe that through faith in Jesus, individuals can experience forgiveness, reconciliation with God, and the opportunity to have a deep, loving relationship with Him.
  4. Value and worth: Christians believe that Jesus’ love for humanity is rooted in the inherent value and worth that each person possesses as a creation of God. They believe that every individual is uniquely loved and cherished by God.
  5. Grace and mercy: Christians believe that Jesus’ love extends to everyone, regardless of their past actions or mistakes. His love is often associated with the concepts of grace and mercy, meaning that individuals can receive forgiveness and be embraced by Jesus even when they feel undeserving.
  6. Unconditional nature: Jesus’ love is often described as unconditional, meaning it is not dependent on human achievements, status, or worthiness. Christians believe that Jesus loves each person as they are, with all their imperfections and shortcomings, offering acceptance and a chance for transformation.
  7. Compassion and empathy: In the New Testament accounts, Jesus consistently demonstrated compassion and empathy towards those he encountered. Christians believe that his love is characterized by understanding, care, and a deep concern for the well-being of individuals.
  8. A desire for salvation and eternal life: Christians believe that Jesus’ love stems from his desire for the salvation and eternal life of humanity. His love is seen as an invitation to accept his teachings, follow his example, and receive the promise of eternal life in God’s presence.

These are but some reasons Jesus loves you, and maybe next time when you say to someone that they are loved, share with them some reasons why He does so. 



Pastor Rudolph.