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A short appraisal of David Breese’s book “Know the Marks of Cults” by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff.

For years, I had a small book in my library that could identify and describe the characteristics of a cult. In David Breese's book, 'Know the Marks of Cults,' he lists twelve marks of cults to help one determine whether a group claiming to be Christian is indeed a cult. A group does not have to exhibit all twelve marks to be considered a cult, but the more marks it does display, the more certain [...]

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An Overview of Islamic Beliefs and Worldview by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

Definition of Islamic Theism Islam is the second largest religion in the World, just after Christianity, with around 1.9 billion people in the world today who identify as Muslims. Muslims count themselves as the followers of one God only or strict monotheists. The Islamic God is called Allah, and Muslims are called to live all of their lives in absolute submission to him. Muslims have six major beliefs: Belief in one God (Allah) Belief in [...]

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What Do the Hadiths Say about Jihad? by Ayman S. Ibrahim

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the word jihad became familiar in the West. While many non-Muslims view it as Islamic holy war against the infidels, a significant number of Muslims in the West insist that it has nothing to do with war and mainly refers to the struggle with oneself for piety and self-control. Indeed, the word is confusing to non-Muslims, but it has now become a part of the English language. In [...]

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Analyzing the Distinction: Identity and Predication in Trinitarian Theology by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

(15-minute read) What we say about God and what we ascribe to Him can be very challenging. Philosophical constructs can assist us in understanding what we are trying to articulate about God, but they may only represent our imperfect attempt to approximate our understanding when we speak about the Divine. Paul Thom discusses the earliest Christian community and their appreciation of Platonic Philosophy in particular. He writes. In the early years of Christianity, when any [...]

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Compositional Models in Christology: Christ’s Dual Nature by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

Throughout the history of Christian theology, various compositional models have been proposed to understand and explain the divinity and humanity of Christ. These models attempt to grapple with the complex and central theological concept of the Incarnation. Here are some notable compositional models: Chalcedonian Model: The Chalcedonian Creed, formulated at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD, is one of the most widely accepted models in Christianity. It asserts that Jesus Christ is "truly God [...]

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Finding God amongst Unexpected People by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff.

[1] (10-minute read).  When I was at Bible College a few years ago, I had the opportunity to drive Philip Yancey and his wife to their hotel room with a friend from the Church. I quickly mentioned that I was a huge fan and had read almost all of his books up to that point. Unfortunately, I did not have any books for him to sign, but I felt a deep sense of calm when [...]

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Was Paul For or Against Women in Ministry? by Dr. Craig S. Keener.

The question of a woman’s role in ministry is a pressing concern for today’s church. It is paramount first, because of our need for the gifts of all the members God has called to serve the Church. The concern, however, has extended beyond the Church itself. Increasingly, secular thinkers attack Christianity as against women and thus irrelevant to the modern world. The Assemblies of God and other denominations birthed in the Holiness and Pentecostal revivals affirmed women in ministry long before the role of women became a secular or [...]

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Humility is the Way to Unity by Gavin Ortlund

Some Christians are eager to defend sound doctrine. Well, and good. But is the unity of the body of Christ one of those doctrines we jealously guard? .... the unity of the church is one the objects of Christ’s death (Eph. 2:14). This, as much as anything, is what the New Testament calls us to cherish and uphold. Therefore, our zeal for theology must never exceed our zeal for our actual brothers and sisters in [...]

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Who is the true Israel: A look at the cult of British-Israel Identity by Pastor Rudolph P. Boshoff

A brief summary of their beliefs.  - Followers of this belief hold that the Lord God's election is limited to Israel alone. They create a division based on biological descent. One group is considered children of God, His covenant people, and the other is considered children of the devil. - They believe that the devil had relations with certain women, resulting in the group of children of the devil. Thus, trying to convert them with [...]

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A Short synopsis on the Nature of God by Norman L. Geisler and Ryan P. Snuffer

"God" is a general term that takes on many meanings in many different cultural contexts. Various pantheistic religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age cults, define "god" as an impersonal force that is in some way equated to an eternal universe. The idea of a pantheistic God is in direct conflict with the idea of a theistic God. The monotheistic religions of the world (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) view God as personal and separate from [...]

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