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Calling out God’s Anointed




“Why can’t we all just get along?” Jack Nicholson asks the queen of the Martian Aliens after their hostile takeover of the earth in the 1996 cult classic, ‘Mars Attacks.’ There seems to be an ever-increasing culture of offense growing in Churches where we are cautioned not to point dangers in the direction of any believer or leader. “Shame on you” or “touch not God’s anointed” have become the normative response hurled against anyone that is suggesting that some leader might be wrong. There is a big difference between making error and being critical in the Church; and somewhere, some Christians have confused the difference. What we should fear above all else is Christian leaders without accountability and teachers without scrutiny. Sadly, in our Church circles, we have assumed that older men of God, or even young, gifted Prophets, should be exempt from any form of criticism. There is nothing as deceptive as a Church or culture of conformity for the desire of an assumed unity.


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