What is the Gospel essentially about? Scott McKnight says:
“Our biggest problem is that we have an entire culture shaped by a misunderstanding of the Gospel.” “The word gospel was used ...
in the world of Jews at the time of the Apostles to announce something, to declare something as good news – the word euangelion means good news.”

What the Gospel is not!
1. The gospel is not behavior modification becoming a better person or learning to become more moral.
2. The Gospel is not the moral teachings of Jesus..
3.The Gospel is not about creating a Jesus culture.
4. The Gospel is not about escaping suffering.
5. The Gospel is not just the two great commandments.

What is the gospel?
Act 5:42
Yet [in spite of the threats] they never ceased for a single day, both in the temple area and at home, to teach and to proclaim the good news (Gospel) of Jesus [as] the Christ (the Messiah).

Act 8:35
Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning with this portion of Scripture he announced to him the glad tidings (Gospel) of Jesus and about Him.

The Gospel is Christocentric.

The gospel is the good news of what God has accomplished in the person of his son his life death and resurrection to secure the forgiveness of sins of all who will repent and believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:1-2 says:
That Christ Died, that Christ was buried, that Christ was raised, and that Christ appeared.
The Gospel is to announce good news about key events in the life of Jesus Christ. To Gospel is to tell the story of Jesus!
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