The “Prophet Like Moses” By Bobby Freddy.

Most frequently quoted Biblical passage that Muslim  Polemicists like Ahmed Deedat (South Africa), Dr. Jamal Badawi (Canada) and their disciple, Apologist Dr. Shabir Ally (Canada) use to show the prophecy of Muhammad from the Torah of Moses, is found in Deut 18. This is based on two verses from the Quran, viz; Surahs 7:157 & […]

The Textual History of the Qur’an and the Bible by John Gilchrist (Refuting Deedat’s ‘Is the Bible the Word of God’).

Most Muslims do not believe that it is becoming of a true Muslim to condemn another man’s religion. Certain exceptions to this rule exist, however, one of whom is Ahmed Deedat who regularly attacks Christians and their religion in a spirit reminiscent of the Crusades of old. One of his recent efforts to condemn Christianity […]

Debate: “Why am I a Christian/Muslim?” Pastor Rudolph Boshoff and Moulana Ahmed Pandor.

Upcoming Debate: “Why am I a Christian?” “Why am I a Muslim?” between Pastor Rudolph Boshoff and Moulana Ahmed Pandor. Address: Equilibria School of Life, Esselen street 34, Potchefstroom.Time: 10:15 a.m – 11:15 p.m.Book Pastor Rudolph here 👉 If you want to partner with Ad Lucem in the mission to bring God’s word and light and […]