My take on Yahya Snow’s “South African Christian-Muslim Apologetics Review of Yusuf Bux and Rudolph Boshoff (Ad Lucem)”.

Original Commentary can be viewed here: “Rudolph Boshoff’s opening salvo included the old love argument” Response: Mr Snow is right, I did include the argument of love. Before we even get to the “love argument” I think it is fair to reply that the structure that I followed was the following: The Trinitarian Worldview. Reasons given […]

Dr. Shabir Ally’s analysis of the University of Pretoria debate on the topic “Did the Original Disciples of Jesus Consider Him God?” A short response to Dr Ally’s letter by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

Dr. Ally writes: “The topic was, “Did the Original Disciples of Jesus Consider Him God?” James had the first 25 minutes to speak. Given the topic, it was necessary for James to show evidence that the original disciples considered Jesus to be God. Instead, he cited one verse from James, several from Paul, and presented a […]

Easy Believism by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

“Easy-believism” is one of “Easy Christianity’s” popular teachings. Like other false teachings “Easy-believism” is a perversion of truth. The Bible teaches–as Martin Luther and the Reformation proclaimed–that we are made right with God by faith in Christ alone. We grant that salvation is by faith alone. The question is easy-faith or biblical faith! Thanks to Dr […]

Christ vs. churchianity by Pastor Rudolph Boshoff

 I sincerely hope everyone goes out and buy a copy of this new magazine? There is a very interesting article op Pg 12 on the “Triumphant Church”. Journalist Liesl Pyper looks specifically at Charismatic and Pentecostal Churches within Africa and investigates the core pulse of their amazing growth. She basically asks the question: “Why is Christianity growing […]