New Testament Reliability

The Theological message of Paul as it relates to the primitive Christology of Philippians 2:5-11 by Rudolph P. Boshoff

In this study of Paul’s Christology I will research the essential Christological idea that Paul was affirming from the earliest Christian community. The foundational text for my study will be from Paul’s letter to the Philippians in chapter 2 verse 5-11(Bowman and Komoszewski 2007:166-167). I will show that Paul is quoting an early doxological hymn […]

The nature of variants in the early New Testament manuscripts by Rudolph P.Boshoff

The site “Islamic Awareness” suggests that “the production of New Testament manuscripts radically changed after the persecution under Diocletian (303-305 CE) and especially after Constantine declared Christianity to be the official religion of the empire.” [1]Another Muslim voice asserts “that the Christian Bible is swarming with errors and contradictions.”[2] Earlier I have written on the cogency of […]