Did Jesus’ divinity evolve through the Gospels? A Response to Shabir Ally’s Progressive Christology Argument” by Angelos Kyriakides

Based on the assumption that Mark was the first of the four gospels written, and John the last, there are those who believe that Jesus originally displayed Himself as a mere prophet-teacher in Mark but subsequently underwent an evolution of sorts. They claim that in the interval between Mark and John, when Luke and Matthew […]

The Witness motif prevalent in the textual understanding of Christ’s actual identity by Rudolph P Boshoff.

The earliest understanding of the witness motif prevalent in a New Testament context seems to focus frequently on the actual content of the Witness (Dodd) or the validity of the Eyewitness testimony (Bauckham). With current questions in Christology that seems to ask about the earliest understanding of Christ’s own self-identity, I want to suggest in this […]

A Vindication of Divine Paradox by PS Rudolph P. Boshoff

Since the beginning of time, man had a deep-seated restlessness that would express itself in the apparent need to partially comprehend Someone beyond themselves. In their articulation, words like “otherness” and “beyondness” come to mind when trying to explain ideas about God. Biblically, there is no doubt that God is wholly beyond us, and equally […]