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Ad Lucem” could be described as “walking towards the Light” in Latin.44197_151340768235444_3577905_n (1)

This initiative started as a result of the growing need we have recognised in our community which led us to host a series of Dialogues and Debates as a church in October 2013. This included world renown Apologists on various topics facing the church stretching from Islam to Jehovah’s Witnesses etc. As a result, we were overwhelmed the response from communities throughout South Africa and beyond asking questions pertaining to belief and culture. Ad Lucem endeavours to discuss various topics in all environments and communities looking for a Biblical outcome to all these questions through various platforms. This site includes posts from international apologists and speakers with their written consent and includes their details at the end of their posts.


Short Bio: Rudolph Boshoff has been the teaching Pastor at Tessera Church, Westonaria, for the last 10 years. He is also actively involved in teaching theology at Rhema Bible College, Randburg, and is currently the director of Ad Lucem (Towards the light), a ministry that is devoted to looking at theological trends and apologetic questions. Rudolph has completed his Bachelors in Theology at the South African Theological Seminary and also his Bachelor’s in Theology Honors at the same institution. Rudolph is also actively pursuing his Masters in Theology at North-West University with a specific emphasis on Islam.Rudolph is also happily married to Candice for the last 9years and is a father to two Rottweiler’s Cody & Dub.

It is also important to notice that even though this initiative is not a Church organisation, we are affiliated with Tessera Church Westonaria under the leadership of PS Willie and Mari Venter. The Vision of the Church is: “As the body of Christ, to make Jesus visible on earth in His power and in His love.”

cotnAs a Church, we are affiliated with C.O.T.N. Makarios Cluster. The word “affiliation” means “relationship”. We believe that in order to be effective as a
church family, we need to partner with other ministries and churches. Tessera submits to the leadership and international covering of Church of the Nations (COTN)

For more information regarding COTN, please visit their website: www.cotn.org

If you need any more information or interaction and desire to see this ministry come to your community please feel free to inbox us at any time. If you have any ideas that would bring glory to Our Lord and Savior please inbox us as well. Be blessed!


If you want to get involved or make any contribution to Ad Lucem Ministries please feel free to contact us through any given channel of communication.


Rudolph P. Boshoff.

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